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Cooling Towel

Designed to cool your core in 3 easy steps. This multipurpose cooling towel provides hours of cooling relief for wearers enduring high levels of physical activity or exposure to heat.

£ 1.90(ex VAT)

Cooling Neck Scarf

Lightweight, easy to use and ideal for use in hot working environments. The Cooling Neck Scarf instantly cools the wearer helping to reduce heat stress when needed most.

£ 2.20(ex VAT)

Cooling Crown with Neck Shade

This Cooling Crown is lightweight and very comfortable when in use. It can help to lower body temperature for several hours. It attaches to most hard hats and bump caps. This accessory helps protect head and neck from heat stress and sun rays.

£ 2.95(ex VAT)

Cooling Crown Beanie

Comfortable and lightweight, the Cooling Crown Beanie is designed to help prevent heat stress and includes an elasticated back for improved fit. Can be worn under any helmet or hat without compromising mobility while offering hours of cooling comfort.

£ 3.50(ex VAT)

Cooling Head Band

The cooling headband is designed to help keep the wearer cool in warm climates. It is lightweight and easy to use. Can be worn under helmets and hats or by itself and offers hours of cooling without compromising mobility.

£ 3.50(ex VAT)

Cooling Helmet Sweatband

Designed to be attached to most hard hats and bump caps, the Cooling Helmet Sweatband helps to regulate body temperature in extreme heat. Ideal for workers in hot weather conditions for long periods of time.

£ 3.95(ex VAT)

Cooling Multiway Scarf

This Multiway Scarf can be worn in a combination of ways. The stretchy polyester elastane fabric allows for it to transform for a number of different uses but still retain its original shape.

£ 4.05(ex VAT)

Cooling Sleeves

These unisex cooling sleeves offer protection from heat and sun while engaging in physical activity, delivering an instant cooling effect to the skin.

£ 4.80(ex VAT)

Cooling Shoulder Insert

Activated by simply submerging in water, the cooling shoulder insert reduces core temperature, while protecting the skin from sun and heat.

£ 10.95(ex VAT)

Cooling Vest

An innovative product that keeps workers cool for up to 8 hours. Using technologies and materials designed to prevent heat stress, this vest keeps the body at an ideal temperature allowing the wearer to work in comfort, even in the hottest and most humid of weather. Simply saturate the vest in water and squeeze to

£ 19.50(ex VAT)