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Fall Protection.

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Screwgate Carabiner

Steel oval carabiner with screw lock, length: 106mm, opening: 19mm. Breaking load: 25kN.

£ 2.10(ex VAT)

Webbing Anchorage Sling

Engineered using heavy duty polyester webbing for ultimate durability, the 2 metre webbing anchorage sling allows the user to create a safe and reliable connection point which adjusts to a wide variety of anchorage points.

£ 2.60(ex VAT)

Suspension Trauma Safety Straps

The straps are designed to be used after a fall has occurred to stop the harness from damaging your circulation when you are suspended in it.

£ 2.80(ex VAT)

Nylon Drawstring Bag

This versatile drawstring bag is high strength yet lightweight, making it ideal for securely holding your fall protection products.

£ 3.50(ex VAT)

Twist Lock Carabiner

This twist-lock carabiner features a 20mm gate opening for securing a connecting device such as a fall arrest lanyard to an anchorage point. Breaking load:20kN.

£ 3.90(ex VAT)

Cable Anchorage Sling

Designed with a thimble loop on each end and protective plastic casing around the wire, the 1 metre steel sling allows for easy anchorage to a variety of structures.

£ 4.00(ex VAT)

Aluminium Twist Lock Carabiner

This lightweight twist-lock carabiner features a 20mm gate for securing a connecting device such as a fall arrest lanyard to an anchorage point. Breaking load:23kN.

£ 6.75(ex VAT)

Helmet Lanyard

Introducing the ultimate in helmet safety, the helmet lanyard is essential when working at height. One end of the lanyard attaches to the helmet and the other end attaches to the users harness, preventing the helmet from falling and causing injury.

£ 6.90(ex VAT)

Single Rope Restraint Lanyard

This 150cm lanyard is made from Polyester rope with two carabiners at each end.

£ 6.95(ex VAT)

Portwest Work Positioning Belt

Fully adjustable padded belt, complete with two side D-rings that can also be moved to rear if needed.

£ 7.20(ex VAT)

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