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Oil Only Pad

These pads are hydrophobic which allows them to float on water and have been designed specifically for hydraulic engineers with open edges for quick wicking. Each pad absorbs 0.5 litres.

£ 38.50(ex VAT)

Chemical Pad

Perforated single spun bonded layers gives excellent tensile strength and rapid absorption properties. Suitable for use in lint free environments. Each pad can absorb 0.5L of aggressive and non-aggressive chemicals.

£ 39.50(ex VAT)

Maintenance Pad

These pads have open edges for quick wicking. High strength spunbound coverstocks prevent lint sticking to machine parts and hold the pads together even when saturated. Each pad absorbs 0.5 litres.

£ 42.80(ex VAT)

Chemical Roll

The chemical roll can be used on walkways or as independently torn off pads. Ideal for indoor or outdoor industrial environments. Absorbs 60 litres of aggressive and non-aggressive chemicals per roll.

£ 46.50(ex VAT)

Oil Only Sock

Our oil only sock has a spun bond outer for durability. The sock is hydrophobic allowing it to float on water even when saturated. Each sock absorbs 4.5 litres of oil based liquids.

£ 46.50(ex VAT)

Maintenance Sock

The maintenance sock has a knitted outer skin with fast absorbency speeds. It absorbs more than 4.5 litres of water and oil based liquids.

£ 47.20(ex VAT)

Oil Only Roll

The oil only roll is well suited to mechanical engineering workshops. It is perforated which makes it suitable for multiple applications. A full roll has the capacity to absorb 60 litres of a variety of oil based liquids.

£ 47.90(ex VAT)

Maintenance Roll

The maintenance roll is a workshop favourite, easily dispensed and ideal for walkways, with open edges for quick wicking. A full roll has the capacity to absorb 60 litres of water and oil based liquids.

£ 49.50(ex VAT)

Chemical Sock

The chemical sock is perfect for environments where fast, effective containment and control of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals is essential. Flexible fabric expands rapidly to increase the rate of absorption while providing excellent liquid retention, durability and strength.

£ 49.95(ex VAT)

50 Litre Oil Only Kit

Similar to the maintenance kit, but has extra strong oil pads and socks that absorb oil and repel water.

£ 61.00(ex VAT)