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Helmet Lanyard

Introducing the ultimate in helmet safety, the helmet lanyard is essential when working at height. One end of the lanyard attaches to the helmet and the other end attaches to the users harness, preventing the helmet from falling and causing injury.

£ 6.90(ex VAT)

Quick Connect Tool Lanyard

A versatile tool lanyard which prevents falling objects from a height. Specifically designed to be interchangeable with FP45, suitable for quick and easy exchanges of multiple tools. Safe Working Load 2.5kg

£ 13.50(ex VAT)

Quick Connect Clips (x3)

3 pack of interchangeable connectors which attaches to the FP44 Tool Lanyard. Quick and easy exchange of multiple tools.

£ 13.50(ex VAT)

Tool Lanyard

Essential for anyone working at height, the tool lanyard can be attached to the user’s wrist or person. This can be done using the carabiner or elasticated drawstring, leaving the other end attached to your tool. This item prevents your tool from becoming a dangerous falling object and a safety hazard when working at height.

£ 24.80(ex VAT)

Double Tool Lanyard

Double elasticated tool lanyard for multiple tools. This item prevents tools from becoming dangerous falling objects and a safety hazard when working at height. Safe Working Load 3kg.

£ 43.70(ex VAT)

Coiled Tool Lanyard

This Coiled Tool Lanyard keeps the length of the lanyard close to the anchoring point. This item prevents attached tools being dropped from height. The swivel carabiner is designed to prevent tangles. Safe Working Load 0.5kg.

£ 59.25(ex VAT)