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TEC Force Ventilation Fan for a 315 Framed Electric Motor, 1400 RPM, 400/3/50 Supply Voltage

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Product Information

Attribute Value
Tec Reference: Forcevent-200
Factory Reference: Forcevent-200
Series: Forced Ventilation Kits
Type: Three Phase
Phase: Three Phase
Material: Sheet Steel
Supply Voltage: 400/3/50
Suits Motor Frame: 315
Length: 535
Inner Diameter: 678
Output: 350
Output Current: 0.75
Speed: 1400
Air Volume: 2820
Air Pressure: 110
Noise: 81

Product Description

There is an increasing need for variable speed drive applications for motors with enhanced cooling while running at low speeds. Closed-loop AC inverters are supplied at zero speed by 100% motor speed. A second, small, constant speed motor for driving the cooling fan is the easiest way to get this done. The use of force ventilated or blown separate engines is not new, but new concepts are being introduced with the advent of static frequency inverters. A forced ventilation system must be used to provide the required cooling system in the motor body. Inadequate cooling contributes to: loss of power, and premature failure.

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